Annual Technology fest of MNNIT

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Prosang (Prodyogiki Sangam) is a technology fest hosted in and by Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad. It is an initiative to bring together a talented and technically skilled group of people to showcase their scientific prowess in the form of actual projects as well as ideas in fun and challenging tech-based events. The selected participants not only get to visit and experience the atmosphere in a National Institute of Technology, but also get to attend lectures from brilliant technocrats from around the nation, technical workshops, laboratory visits and much more. Moreover, the participants get an opportunity to grow amongst the ideas and creations of fellow participants from 20+ colleges.

Committee Members

Dr. V. R. Komma

MED (Convener)

Dr. Basant Kumar

ECED (Coordinator)

Dr. D. K. Shukla

MED (Coordinator)

Gaurav Bansal

ECED (Student Coordinator)

Kanad Kumar Amar

ECED (Student Coordinator)

Shrey Dixit

MED (Student Coordinator)


MED (Student Coordinator)