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ABOUT Eloquence

Verses, hidden in that last page,
Arguments, with louder wit, slower rage,
Narrations, that entrance the audience,
Speeches, with confidence immense,
For all this and more, we bring you all,
Another chapter of frabjous Eloquence!
Proud to bring to all the literati of MNNIT yet another chapter of your very own literary fest, Eloquence.
An ocean of extravagant events awaits you, after you return from a relaxing vacation. So, buckle up for the ride, for we assure you of a bunch of enthralling ups and mind boggling downs with amazement and excitement all through, from 7th-9th February, 2020. The fest comprises of:
~MUN, For the political minds and the cravers of global discussions;
~Debate, For those who know how to win over with the perfect arguments;
~Poetry slam, for the rhyming schemes that decorate your verses;
~Story writing and narration, For those story tellers who change mere characters into everlasting imprints on all minds;
~Quiz, For the curious minds, ever craving for knowledge;
~Motley, For pouring out all your skills of mischief at one place;
~Declamation, For the fearless ones who have the confidence to enact the words of iconic personalities.

Committee Members

Dr. Vishnu Agrawal

BTD (Convener)

Dr. Anupam Rawat

CED (Coordinator)

Dr. Ankur Gaur

CHED (Coordinator/Treasurer)

Dr. Niraj Chaudhary

EED (Member)

Dr. Radha Rani

BTD (Member)